Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Employment Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Employment Law - Essay Example For years the clothing industry had been trying to build a union for employees in the industry. Now that the company was going public and Clark’s company had 100 employees, the representatives from the union approached Ms. Clark to seek permission to contact the company employees. While this was not really necessary, they did it out of respect for Ms. Clark. When Ms. Clark was summoned by her CEO and the board of directors, she meticulously related the law’s stand on the matter of unions and their rights to contact employees. Unions and collective bargaining agreements rightly cite that any statement or any policy which creates any form of inference of barring a worker or even a union representative from being part of a labor union is illegal under law. Therefore, Ms. Clark can press charges on her employers for trying to blackmail her into ceding to their demands and whims of stopping workers from joining the labor union. Under law, cited by the yellow dog contract, workers must refrain from agreements by employers that require them to make pacts not to join unions in the future or in order to retain their employments. Such pacts or agreements are illegal. As a matter of fact they have been illegal since 1932. The retirement package that was presented to Ms. Was not complete as required by law. The package did not extend the normal retirement benefits and did not extend insurance coverage, or even pay her social security as required until the age of 59. Additionally, the package did not even offer her buy-out-funds. The retirement package presented by the company reeks of age discrimination on Ms. Clark. She fits the age bracket which is above 40 years. The Age Discrimination Act protects from such dismissal as that of Ms. Clark because the reason she was dismissed is not clear. She does her work well but when she decides to grant access to the union representatives she is dismissed for refusing to accept a flawed retirement package. Under this

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